Friday, December 4, 2015

Conference Theme and Purpose

The essence of social entrepreneurship is to identify gaps in the provision of social goods and services, and to design innovative and scalable/ replicable solutions to bridge those gaps. Be addressing the issues which are relevant to the society, these social innovations make an impact on the lives of people.

India, with its myriad problems of providing access to basic provisions (e.g., education, healthcare, energy, livelihoods, information, etc.) to its vast population, provides immense opportunities for such innovations. Many social entrepreneurs and ventures have designed and implemented solutions to social problems, which are both unique and scalable/ replicable.

Correspondingly, this year, the theme of the 8th National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship is

The Conference aims to celebrate, showcase and learn from the initiatives of some of such innovative ventures, and to create a platform for knowledge-sharing and partnerships.

Conference Design and Schedule

The conference design will entail the following sessions, where social entrepreneurs/ development sector professionals will share their experiences, issues and challenges:
  • Inauguration & Key Note Address by Prof Anil Gupta, IIMA, Exec Vice Chairman, National Innovation Foundation & Founder, Honey Bee Network
  • Support Ecosystem for Social Innovations
  • ICT for People and Development
  • Innovations in Education Delivery
  • Interventions for Youth Transformation
  • Innovations in Farm Support
  • Collectives as Entrepreneurs
  • Livelihoods on the Fringe of Society
  • Investing in Development

  • Venue and Participation Fee

    The venue of the Conference is:
      Fr Prabhu Hall
      Learning Centre - 1
      XLRI - Xavier School of Management
      CH Area (East)
      Jamshedpur 831 001 (India)
    The registration for the conference will start at 10.00am on January 29th, 2016, and the conference will conclude at 13:00pm on January 31st, 2016.

    In case of drop-outs, the Nomination Fee will be refunded only if informed before January 20th 2016 to

    The Registration/ Nomination Form for the conference can be downloaded from:

    Crowdfund the 8th NCSE - Sponsor a Participant

    Target: Rs. 3.5Lakh
    Achieved (as on Jan 22nd, 2016): Rs. 1.73Lakh

    Like every year, the 8th National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship will bring together a community of 170-180 sector professionals/ practitioners to learn from each other, build partnerships and strengthen the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship.

    Besides the 25-30 speakers/resource persons, about 70+ of these participants are students, who pay a nominal fee of INR 700/- (non-residential) or INR 900/- (residential). Almost all other participants are social entrepreneurs, self-sponsored professionals or from NGOs/ CBOs, who pay a fee of INR 3,500/- (non-residential) or INR 5,500/- (residential).

    Given the scale and expenses in organizing the conference, we invite you to support us in this endeavor. You can sponsor fee for one participant for INR 5,000/- or provide part sponsorship in multiples of INR 1,000/-.

    Every contribution you make will double itself in value. We are grateful to Flowering Tree for sponsoring matching funds for the amount raised for the conference.

    The check/ DD can be made in the name of “XLRI Jamshedpur” and mailed to:

    Prof Madhukar Shukla
    Conference Coordinator
    The 8th National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship
    CH Area (East)
    Jamshedpur 831 001 (India)
    Ph: 0657 – 665 3333 Fax: 0657 – 222 7814

    Online/ Bank transfer can be made as per following details.
    Please do mail the details of the amount and transaction id/UTR to :

    Name: XLRI Jamshedpur
    Bank Account No: 340010100073149
    Bank Name: AXIS Bank
    Branch: Sakchi, Jamshedpur
    RTG IFCS Code: UTIB0000340
    MICR No.: 831211003
    PAN No: AAATI0475M

    Speakers and Resource Persons

    Ajith Basu
    Chief Program Executive
    Agastya International Foundation

    Prof Anil Gupta
    Executive Vice Chairman
    National Innovation Foundation &
    Founder, Honey Bee Network

    Anshu Gupta
    Founder & Director

    Biplab Ketan Paul
    Director - Naireeta Services
    & Innovator - Bhungroo

    Deepankar Raina
    Swaraj University

    Dhruv Lakra
    Founder & CEO
    Mirakle Couriers

    Franz Gastler
    Founder & ED
    Yuwa India

    GV Krishnagopal
    ALC India

    Lisa Heydlauff
    Founder & Director
    Going to School

    Manisha Gupta
    Founder & Director
    Start Up!

    Mrinalini Kher
    Co-Founder & Secretary
    Yuva Parivartan

    N.A. Shah Ansari
    Founder & Chairperson
    Radio Namaskar

    Nalini Shekar
    Hasirudala Wastepickers’Collective

    Nitin Agrawal
    COO & CFO

    Dr Pankaj Das
    CEO & Secretary
    Jharkhand Women Self-Supporting Poultry Cooperative Federation

    Pankaj Jain
    Chief Executive
    Gyan Shala

    Parvathi Menon
    Managing Director
    Innovation Alchemy

    Dr Pradip Kumar Sarmah
    Founder, Rickshaw Bank &
    ED, Center for Rural Development

    PR Ganapathy
    President (India)
    Villgro Innovation Foundation

    Pravesh Sharma, IAS
    Former Managing Director
    Small Farrmers' Agribusiness Consortium

    Dr Rangan Varadan
    Founder & CEO

    Sonali Mehta-Rao
    Chief Growth Officer
    Awaaz De

    Umadevi Swaminathan
    Managing Director
    RUDI Multi Trading Company Ltd.

    Venkataramanan Sriraman
    Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Vijay Pratap Singh 'Aditya'
    Founder & CEO
    ekGaon Services

    Vikram Ahuja
    Founder & Director
    Zamindara Farm Solutions

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